Best pool design ideas

For many homeowners, a home should be like a sanctuary. One of the ways to create a safe, peaceful place to relax can be by adding a pool in your home. Once you have made the decision to install a pool, the next steps are to decide what is the best pool design for you. Proper planning will ensure that you get the ideal space that you want and meet your safety and budget requirements. There are a few questions that potential pool owners always ask: Where should they put the pool, what is the best pool design, what are the materials available.

The in-ground pools today go way beyond old-fashioned pools in the past. With so many options for pool design ideas, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. From artificial waterfalls to resort-style water lounging features, the right design for your new pool can enhance the architecture and style of any home, without compromising on functionality.

In this article, we share a guide to picking the best pool design and some ideas to get you inspired.

Why you should get a fibreglass pool

If you’re in the market for a new pool, you probably know that builders offer either concrete or fibreglass pools. This decision is an important one; your pool design, cost, maintenance and finish will depend on the material you choose. Over the last 30 years, fibreglass pools have been growing in popularity in Australian homes. In fact, more than half of all in-ground pools installed in the country today are fibreglass pools! Of course, the decision is ultimately yours, so it is important to weigh the pros and cons of your purchase.

Firstly, fibreglass pools are manufactured in the factory beforehand, so they are extremely quick to install. The actual on-site installation typically takes a week or two, this means no loud renovation noises disrupting your peace. The innovation behind fibreglass pools also gives it a stunning finish that can enhance the entire visual appeal of the pool. Another great thing is that fibreglass pools are low maintenance: the smooth gelcoat surface prevents growth of bacteria and algae, and the high-quality surface finishes, like the ones at Compass Pools, usually do not require resurfacing in their lifetime. Our pools are also made with extremely durable material.

On the other hand, you also have to consider that fibreglass pools are less customisable. Since manufacturing takes place in the factory, pool buyers usually only get to view the end-product when the project is completed. Compass Pools offers a range of shapes and sizes for buyers to find one that is best suited to their needs. Additionally, clients can customise certain features like lounge areas and swim-outs to be built into their pool design ideas. With the diverse range of sizes and options, many customers will find that finding their ideal fibreglass pool is easy.

What will your pool be used for?

First and foremost, ask yourself what the purpose of having a pool is. Seems like an easy question, but it encompasses many reasons that differ for individuals. Getting a swimming pool isn’t, and shouldn’t be, an overnight decision. Know that it is a conscious choice that you have made for yourself.

Looking for great pool design ideas? You can optimise your pool for exercising just like this Fastlane Series lap pool. Its long and linear design makes it perfect for swimming laps, without having to put too much thought into glitzing it up.


A common reason among our customers is that they want a pool for recreational purposes. Are you one of the people who just love to watch the beautiful pool, relax by the water in their best baders and their stylish hair style? In that case, pools must be designed to suit amateur swimmers or, often, children. You will need safety features such as slip-resistant flooring, a shallow end and elevated steps in order to get the best out of your weekend swims or quality time with family. If you are a professional swimmer looking for the ideal pool to get in a good workout, you can opt for a Fastlane Series pool instead that has sufficient depth and space to practice strokes. Another purpose of wanting a pool can be purely for leisure, and in these cases we would recommend adding on features to your fibreglass pool. Water walls, fountains, spas, and waders are just some of the water features you can use to spruce up your pool. These addons aren’t just functional, they can transform your backyard to your dream home!

You can also look at the usage frequency and maintenance level of the pool. For pool owners that intend to handle cleaning and upkeep themselves, the best choice would be a low maintenance fibreglass pool. Size matters here too. Since your pool is outdoors, it is also likely that insects, pets, leaves and other debris can affect the longevity of the pool. Using durable materials like fibreglass help to reduce the hassle of constant maintenance. Reviewing all the options that a swimming pool can offer can help you narrow down to the exact size, shape and style of pool that can best cater to your needs so you do not get carried away with a pool design idea that doesn’t suit your needs.

What are the costs of pool installation and design?

When designing your dream pool space, it is essential to note that more expensive does not mean the best. At the end of the day, you have to achieve your vision. Potential pool buyers sometimes have the misconception that getting the pool they want will require exorbitant costs, but that is untrue. Depending on your budget, it is 100% possible to design a stunning pool without breaking the bank! A tip when researching on pool installation costs is not to solely depend on forums or your friends who have undergone similar projects. It is best to get a personalised quotation on your chosen pool ideas based on a tailored plan.

To avoid having to pay a more-than-expected sum when your pool is completed, you can associate yourself with what is included in pool installation. Besides the actual pool itself and installation costs, there are hidden fees that can include landscaping design, delivery, add-on features, among others. However, this does not mean that you should look to cut corners or scrimp on the pool project. Doing this could lead to higher long-term costs, such as maintenance and cleaning supplies.

Customers sometimes ask if building the pool in certain spots might be cheaper (e.g front yard costs less than backyard). While this could potentially save them a bulk of money, it is not the wisest decision. Your pool is an investment that can benefit you for the foreseeable future and is a big part of your home. Placing it in an undesirable location could diminish the worth of your investment.

What size pool are you looking at?

One of the most important questions to ask thinking of the best pool ideas is: what size pool should I get? The solution will combine answers from what your home can accommodate and what you actually want.

You might also want to consider the practicality aspect of your pool’s dimensions. For instance, while families with children can opt for the Vogue Series pool, the 7.15 will suit a family of four better than a family of six.

A factor to look at is the size of your living space. The dedicated yard itself may pose certain limitations on your pool size. For starters, some backyards in Melbourne VIC can only fit some pool shapes (e.g round, rectangular or square) or only have enough space for specific dimensions. It is also crucial to ensure that your pool is perfectly fitted for the environment it is in. Picking a larger-than-needed pool will disrupt the surrounding landscape and pools that are too small can look disproportionate. But always remember, the best pool idea is one that appeals to you.

Looking for the best pool design idea to channel beach getaway vibes? This small X-Trainer Series pool uses villa-inspired patio furniture and a wooden layout for those who are missing their weekend trips to Bali.

How will your pool be landscaped?

A pool landscaping design plan is something that most pool owners continue to overlook, despite it playing a big factor in their experience. Besides the aesthetic appeal of a well-thought out design, the features can also add on to usability. For example, some people prefer to let their plants grow naturally around the pool area, while others can add dining furniture or a fire pit to enjoy alfresco dining and parties.

This pool design idea features a simple timbre decking and minimal landscaping. The muted design of the pool allows people to focus on the natural landscape – a gorgeous view of the grasslands around the home.


If you’re looking for a new pool, the chances are that you have an idea of how you want it to look like. We have many customers that approach us with an extensive pool landscaping design plan, including features like paving, patio furniture, greenery, water lounging features and more. Communicating these pool ideas early on will ensure that you can build your goal space.

Another option for landscaping can be to wait it out before you come up with pool design ideas. If the pool design planning gets too overwhelming, this step can still be done after installation. Some customers prefer to wait for the end-product to see what can be done to enhance their new living space. One thing to take note of is that the colours and finishing surface of a fibreglass pool can vary in gallery images, other people’s homes, weather and lighting.

The clean tiles surrounding the dark tiles on this Fastlane Series pool allows the pool to really stand out. Attaching a spa gives a nice touch to the resort-style landscaping of lush greenery and intimate outdoor lighting.

Make your pool the star

A great practice when looking for the best pool designs is to always decide on the pool first. Whether it is to beat the summer heat or to elevate the elegance of your home, the type of pool you want is central to the appearance of your yard.

Take ample time to explore your options for pool design ideas. And always remember to listen to yourself first!

Knowing the right questions to ask can help you make an informed decision on what pool design best suits you. Planning and deciding on what pool design you want can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to give you expert advice on the best pool design ideas to bring your vision into reality.

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