Sapphire Spas

Donehue’s Leisure is a proud supplier of Sapphire Spas, a wholly Australian-owned company that manufactures quality spa pools in Victoria. Each spa is designed with the typical Australian backyard in mind, and is built tough to withstand our landscape and lifestyle.

Premium quality, high-performance, ergonomic comfort and reliable, user-friendly control systems have been continual benchmarks in Sapphire spa pools, with added customised extras including iPod fluid docks and kaleidoscope liquid&light packages.

Advanced control systems, high performance pumps, blowers and purification systems all carry an unconditional 3 Year Warranty, while revolutionary POWERsmart technology ensures easy cleaning, with low running costs and energy use.

Check our spa pools portfolio now

My Personal Trainer (Swim Spa) Spa 320, Mt Gambier

In need of a workout or recovery? My Personal Trainer Spa 320, seats 6 adults and has 4 swim jets . If your looking for relaxation after work or that complete fitness program without a gym, here’s your chance, inquire today!

My Dream Spa 314, Mt Gambier

My Dream Spa 314 is the perfect family spa, seating 6 adults in reclined comfort. Dreaming of making your own family memories, well don’t delay any longer, come in and speak to one of our friendly staff today!

My Favorite Spa 295, Mt Gambier

My Favorite Spa 295 has room for the entire family, seating 6 adults and is ideal for every budget, perfect for the entertainer or relaxer. This spa will be an instant favourite!

My Splash Spa 307

My Splash Spa 307 with dimensions 1950mm x 1950mm x 890mm, seats for 7 adults and 29 total jets.

My Obsesion Spa 325

My Obsession Spa 325 seats 5 adults in pure relaxation and style. If your ready to recline in the elegance of this spa, inquire today and stop obsessing!