Inground spa / above ground spa from all angles in 3D

Compass fibreglass spas are usually installed inground. However, thanks to the Maxi Rib technology, these spas can be installed as above ground spas, too. Some shapes in this range may differ from the 3D design shown. Please check the model outlines below the specifications table for design details.

Transforms Any Backyard

Fibreglass spas are very popular because of their therapeutic function and also the unique look they add to any fibreglass swimming pool they are attached to. Change the shape and function of your pool with an inground spa or wader to complement your pools’ shape.


Bonita Spa2.16m2.16m1.07m1.07m
Calypso Spa2.66m2.4m1.06m1.06m
X-Trainer Spa2.8m1.8m1.1m1.1m
Wader 4.34.32m4.32m50cm50cm
Wader 3.13.06m1.96m30cm30cm

Model Outlines

Pool 3D Rotation